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i miss you.
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1. What animal do you think you would be?

I think that I would naturally be a sloth. Known for their laziness and love of sleep, they closely match me. Sloths are among the most somnolent animals, sleeping from 15 to 18 hours each day. Sloths move only when necessary and then very slowly, just like me.

2. What is your favorite book?

 Seriously, I hate books and everything to do with books, like reading. I don’t know why, but I have this deep intense revulsion for reading. I find reading useless unless it is for homework.

3. If you could/had to live in any country besides the United States, where would it be?

 If I had to live in another country, it would have to be a country in Europe. Since the GDP of many places in Europe exceed 2000 billion dollars, it would be best if I lived there so that I can make lots of money.

4. Who is your favorite superhero?

Lina Inverse in my favorite superhero because she has great offensive abilities such as: Ultimate, Light Strike Array, Dragon Slave and Laguna Blade. Her abilities are so amazing, at level 3, her Laguna Blade deals 950 damage with a 55 second cool down and it only costs 680 mana!!!

5. If you could change any one law, what would it be?

That one law that prohibits gambling in casinos to people less than 18 years of age. I like poker, I have money, so why can’t I go play and win some? If that one law changed, I would quite school right now, go to Vegas and gamble. 

6. Is life a matter of reality or is it all just based on perception?

 I’m not sure what this question is asking, but I think that this like is based on our perception. For all I know, no one is real. I might think they are real because I perceive them that way.

7. Is it better to be too hot or too cold?

 I think it’s better to be too cold because when your cold, you have the ability to make yourself warmer, well at least I do. When you are too hot, you cannot make yourself colder, or feel colder.

8. Which is better: to get in a car accident that isn't your fault and lose a leg or to get into a car accident that is your fault and kill an old lady?

Obviously, to get into a car accident that is your fault and kill an old lady. She would die anyways and your leg is like a essential to living a happy life. Plus, if you get into jail, you can plead insanity; go to the hospital for a month and your done!! YAY!!

9. Do you believe that pain and suffering is a necessary part of life?

 Yes, pain and suffering is a good and necessary part of life. If you did not feel pain, you would be screwed up. Suffering is kind of the same, but you need to suffer a little bit some time in life, or you will lack emotional experiences.

10. Is animal testing acceptable?

 Obviously animal testing is acceptable, unless you want to test it on humans. Our race would not advance if it were not for our animal testing labs. If we think we have a vaccine for lung cancer, test it out on humans,  and it doesn’t work, we wasted a human life. We can grow animals for the sole purpose of animal testing.


11. Do you believe that ghosts exist?

I do not believe ghosts exist, but I do believe demons exist. In the bible, it states that there are no such things as ghosts, but that the things we think are ghosts are actually demons.

12. Do you believe that you can never have too much of a good thing?

 You can never get too much of something really good. For example, rice is awesome, and I eat it almost everyday, and I don’t ever get sick of it. Therefore you can never have too much of something really good, like rice or sushi, or DotA.

13. Do you believe that school is the best way to make a person smarter?

 No, if you are a hard worker and very determined, you can work alone at your home, home schooling yourself. This might prove to be an excellent way to learn since you don’t have homework and you are your own teacher, which means you get to grade your own tests.(GG 5.0 GPA easy)

14. Do you believe that Free Market Capitalism is fair? If not, what would you suggest?

 I don’t really know what free market capitalism is, so I think that it is. My default answer is always yes, true, or d. Everything is true unless proven wrong, and if I agree, then I wont have anything to prove because I agree with the idea. This makes it easier on me!! YAY!!

15. Do you believe that war can be justified?

 War is needed to teach the other weak nations who are the best. When someone pushes you down, you stand up and push back harder, knock back.  After one nation is in control of everything, there would be no more big wars.

16. If you could switch your gender, but it had to be permanent, would you?

No, girls have to give birth which is like a really bad stomachache. To make it worse, they have to push out this thing that’s the size of a brick out of their small hole. Just too hard for me.   

17. Do you think you are anyone's favorite person in the world?

No, how can I ever compare to all those other people who practically beat me in everything. Well, I can be my own favorite person, and then maybe I won’t feel so bad. This is a depressing question. Ugh, now I am kind of sad, well not for long. I’m going to go play DotA. (ß The best game on the face of this planet) Go check it out, and play so you can feed me you newbies!!! HAHA

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Current Music: Guang Liang - Tong Hua

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My favorte piece of art work was a piece created by Wanako. I came upon his wonderfully still-life picture in  www.diviantart.com. Cards are believed to have originated in China, passing over to Europe from Asia, later on to America, playing cards have provided people with entertainment for centuries. Poker cards are used as a medium to display and popularize their creativity and aesthetic perception. Artists sometimes use poker cards as medium to propagate philosophies and deal with social and political issues through art. Modern poker cards display the artist's unique ability to unlock the visual language of their imagination. A deck of playing cards has always been viewed as a symbol of money and a life dedicated to the pleasures of the flesh. It is this one of many symbolic importances that attract artists to playing cards. A playing card is more like a tiny portrait. But the whole idea behind the concept is to portray poker cards as art and not vice versa. 
Each playing card is very different and unique because they each have their own identity in terms of number, suit and rank. It is this fact that attracts artists to poker cards. The deck consists of 52 cards, providing the artists with a broad forum of expression for their flights of fancy concepts with which to illustrate their creativity. There are numerous denominations such as Kings, Queens, Jacks and the rest of the set can be depicted. Some artists prefer to create a their own special unique deck of playing cards. Poker cards can be made to display images, photography, culture, famous people, paintings, animals and much more. It is possible to find poker cards in various shapes such as hexagonal, triangular, circular; as well as designs such as a butterfly or lion. The reason i like this picture so much is because every time i look at it, i remember playing poker with my family. All the fun things and conversations we had at the poker table still bring warm fuzzy memories back.

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Current Music: One Last Breath - Creed

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3. analyze one of your favorite tv shows. you can do this a number of ways as well. to consider: ANALYZE the characters, their relationships, their secrets, their issues, and the conflicts. in addition OR on another note, you may also wish to take the angle of a critic or even to find some humorous way to convey the sentiment of the show in less traditional terms. i would like to think that my version conveys the overall tone, feel, and drama of one of my favorite shows (though it jumped the shark 2 years ago), although i took an  alternativish approach. you may wish to check it out...

My favorite tv show is probably the W.S.O.P. (World Series of Poker). The show is very entertaining and leaves you anticipating to see the next card. My favorite player is probably Johnny Chan, a poker legend. He has won 10 W.S.O.P. bracelets, the most any player has ever won before. Through 2006, Chan has won $3,744,331 at the World Series of Poker.  He is quite and interesting character, along with many other poker legends, he has a natural talent for analyzing other players. I've noticed a trend among all professional poker players, which is they are all very cocky and think they will win every tournament. Each player is about the same skill level but some are luckier than others in the cards they get. Johnny has a way to trick other players by pretending he has absolutely nothing in his hand so that they bet a lot of their money, when he really has the winning hand. It is kind of hard to explain how he does this but he does nervous movements or plays strong to make the other players think he is bluffing. One of my favorite quotes from Johnny is "Haha that’s too rich for my blood." 
Another one of my favorite characters is Phil Hellmuth who is one of the three 10 W.S.O.P. bracelet winners. He has an interesting way of playing poker. He usually calls or raises on any hand even if he knows he’s going to lose. Then when he has a legitimate hand the other player, thinking that he has a bad hand, calls and losses their money. By playing every hand, Phil has become a very hard player to read. Although his technique does not always work, it is a quite interesting way to gain money, by losing it first.




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1A. If you had $10,000 that you had to spend in the next week, what would you buy and why? Consider taking us on part of your shopping spree.

If i had $10,000, that i had to spend in the next week, i would buy a highly volatile stock. I would pick stock from GZGT, short for Guangzhou Global Telecom, Inc., because it can fluctuate and go very very high or very very low. Just yesterday the stock went up 11.51%. If i put my money into this company which is capped at 140 million, i could possibly gain thousands every day. Since this company is stationed in a growing China, i think telecommunications would be important in China's growth as an economy. With $10,000 i can buy about 3,700 stocks depending on the broker i get, which would cost about $30, give or take. If the stocks keep going a this rate(it wont) i would be a millionare in 2 years. The percent change in these highly volatile stocks allow a person to get very rich or go bankrupt in a matter of hours. That is the fun of gambling, the adrenaline rushes, the anxiety, and the excitement. I will probably grow up to become a world famous poker player. I will be called KingKwan (allusion to kingkong). Look out "moneymaker" here comes kingkwan!!! That has a nice ring to it.

2. Tell us about one of the days from your 3 day weekend (or some recent day, school day or weekend). Select a tone to write in that will match the events that transpired that day/your mood that day. Exaggerate the tone in order to help convey your attitude that day. Popular tones include sarcasm, wit, depression, anger, frustration, humor, ambivalence, spaced outedness, etc...

It felt like the longest day ever. I sat in History class across from Timmy, i felt quite happy because it was friday. It seemed as if i were suspended in time, seconds seemed like minutes, minutes seemed like hours. I pondered about random things that just so happened to pop into my brain. I remeber thinking to myself if timeless questions were important. I believe they are important because they help us understand and maintain our way of thinking. Understanding these types of questions will give you a deeper feeling of why you have life and existence. I think that timeless questions surface when we wonder if there is more to this life. I also thought to myself "Are there more than just the pleasures of the flesh?" A human psyche becomes more aware when these questions surface. Everything that guided this human, the stories and meanings, will be questioned and tested. They will reflect upon every aspect of their life, to come to a conclusion for the meaning of their existence. I think that in order to be happy, you do need to address timeless issues. If you have a timeless issue, it won’t go away, so you will have to deal with the issue until it is resolved. History class ended and i walked home happy with school over and summer nearing ever closer.

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I have this really weird and irrational fear of spiders. I don't know if it is their big bulgy eyes or eight hairy legs, but they freak me out. A couple months ago, I was cleaning my room and I noticed a rather large black dot on my ceiling. At first, I thought it was a smudge of paint or some lube from my lights. I felt quite fine until it started moving. It darted across my walls slowly creeping closer and closer to me. It was out to get me, or that’s what I thought. I almost had a heart attack, stroke, super blood clot, exploding heart seizure. After I ran out of my room, I made my dad go in my room and smash the little bugger. I didn’t sleep in my room for a week after that horrifying event.

My first theme song is Tong Hua (fairy tale) by Guang Liang , which is a song i just really like to listen to. This song is for when im feeling sadish(the point between sad and apathetic). I almost cried watching the music video for this song because it was just that sad. I cant really explain it in words so you must go and watch the video and see for yourself how incredibly depressing this song is. 

     My second theme song is Chuot yeu gao (Mouse love rice), is a song i like to listen ot in any mood, any time, anywhere. This is one of those songs i like so much that I listen to over and over until I get bored of it. Even though im not sure what the song means, because i don't know mandrin, i like it.  

    My third song is Sandstorm by Darude, is my pump up song. Last year before every swim meet, i would listen to this song to get me ready for the meet. The upbeat music helps to get my mind focused on swimming. Since I often have trouble summoning the energy to get to my computer work or to do household tasks because i am incredibly lazy, upbeat music like this one helps me to get up and go.  

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Current Mood: 3:20 am T-T sooo lazy

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